F***ing Celebrities or the hemispheres of a better world of Schiller

An hommage to Stephanie Clifford or Stormy Daniels

By Sepp Zeitblom


Pictures of godly bosoms, more precisely, female breasts – the 19th-century poet Friedrich von Schiller called them „hemispheres of a better world – must serve to attract the readers‘ and buyers‘ appreciation. The faces above of these objects of lustfulness are not wholly irrelevant, but secondary. Many magazines. online and print, it‘s trivial, use the delight, people feel in viewing the „Schlüsselreize“-key stimuli- to sell their products.

Even more appreciated are the godly hemispheres, if they belong to celebrities. The woman of a reigning president of a great nation is still famous for the photos of her hemispheres and some magazines like to speculate about the sexual manners of celebrities. So we are glad to know, that once upon a time a president sat beneath an adult actress in a hotel room, being a bit nervous. So he spoke of himself, bragged about his importance, showed the actress a magazine with himself on the cover. Before he dared to address her sexually, he wanted to impress her with his money.

Now, the smart, generous, empathic and literally bighearted and big-bosomed actress offered to spank his tush with just this magazine. He agreed, delighted. He felt, that more blood poured into his lower regions, he enjoyed the heat on his glutäus Maximus. And, „here we go“, said the generous, emphatical, clever actress. Her artist-name is Stormy Daniels.

A former mayor of a great city meant to be loyal to the reigning president by stating publicly, he would not respect an adult actress, a „porn star“. Only a short time we needed to decide the question, which kind of prostitution is more respectable – the sexual or the political one.

For we do not possess the rights to publish pictures of godly hemispheres, we offer as a substitution the verses of Schiller:


Und zehenmal das Halstuch fällt,

Und aus den losen Schlingen,

Halbkugeln einer bessern Welt,

Die vollen Brüste springen,